18 / Female
You Don't Exactly need to know :'3 – US
:p Hii, For Starters I WILL NOT Put any pictures of myself on here, So Please, Don't Ask ^-^.

I Love going on youtube. My favorite Youtubers are: MattG124, HaiLedaBear, Pewdiepie, and Shane Dawson

My favorite song Is Set the World on Fire By Black Veil Brides :D

I'd Love to be Your Black Veil Brides Buddy, So feel free to ask. *~*

I Love Black Veil brides, I Have recently been able to turn some of my friends Into BVB Fangirls Within an Hour or so. Just skills.

Well, Now Children, I'm going to stop talking, Add me If you like :I

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I Seriously.. Just wanna meet a ton of people.. like all Of Black veil brides, Kellin quinn, Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe.. I Have goals now.

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