17 / Female / Bisexual / Forever Alone
Hug Dealer <3 CornHub 👑   
Lincolnton, NC – US
My kik is elfporn cuz I know you wanna talk :3

I like the bands: thy art is murder, beartooth, cannibal corpse, autopsy, dark fortress, craniotomy, darkthrone, dawn of ashes, dying fetus, desaster, fleshgod apocalypse, grift, fluisteraars, infant annihilator, moonblood, kuza, myrkur, nagelfar, nargaroth, watain, suffocation, trivium, xandria, bring me the horizon, abominable putridity, etc.

Feel free to message me any time :3

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ugh, I'm so bored lately and I just want friends. ergh.... T^T