21 / Non-binary
confidential, USA – US
Name: Sage
Age: 19, going on 20
agender (they/them/their), white/asian, digs dudes

LIKES: My rabbit (Layla), anime, doodling s*** doodles, roleplaying, writing, foreign languages

food: Fries and shakes, sushi, bubble tea, pasta, hawaiian pizza (pineapple DOES go on pizza, f*** off), macarons

colors: Orange and Green. Black is good too

TV: Steven universe, Vikings, Avatar, Hetalia, Rugrats, Drunk History, Family Feud

Movies: Zootopia, L'Auberge Espagnole, Ricky Bobby, i'm a huge f***in' sucker for foreign films

Traveled to: South Korea, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, Bahamas, Iceland, England

Speaks: English (native), French (basic), Spanish (tiny bit/s***), Dutch (tiny bit/s***)

Music: Los Campesinos!, Matchbox Twenty, Northstar, the Smooths, the Wallflowers, Sugar Ray, the Black-Eyed Peas, Marianas Trench, Maroon 5, Douwe Bob, Bastille, Flula, River Jetty, the Pigeon Detectives, Play Radio Play!, I also love music in foreign languages

Youtube: Flula, Bill Wurtz, Smosh, Brendaniel, Cr1tikal, Crazy Russian Hacker, Badlipreading, Rhett and Link/Good Mythical Morning

Sports: Ew no, get that bulls*** away from me

Games: Pokémon Go...uh, that's it.

I am not scene, but I'm a nerd, which is pretty close I think?

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TFW you're trash talking superior in 3 different languages and the best he can come up with as a comeback is "speak english" <3