20 / Female / Straight / Broken Hearted
ceil+grell michaelis katsharp18
Portage – US
I am wiling to help anyone that needs advise. I love people and helping them and i hate it when people get criticized for the way they look. Eveyone is beautiful. c: I am 14 years old and a lot of people don't even get a chance to know me because i get bullied alot and i wanna get to know some people who might like me. I sing and post on youtube..but i think i kinda suk. :\
I like bands like Asking Alexandria, bvb, pierce the veil, botdf, never shout never, parachute, boys like girls and other bands.
I enjoy singing and writing fanfictions, i have even posted a book i wrote i also love drawing and reading. Dancing is also fun and I'm a photographer and i make videos for my school.
I am really 14 years old. That picture is really of me. I do not steriotype myself, and i take a while to trust, but i love all sorts so feel free to add me or message me. :P

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