17 / Female / Straight / Forever Alone
Nazi buddies with PostDeenocore
living in a box right now – US
Moloch's Domain

Back again on the killing floor
Guts spread across the walls
Enter the domain of the freaks
Myths and Legends are forthtold
Moloch eats the hidden flesh
Behold the All Mightly Beast 

Let's all enter the domain
Far beyond our mortal sins
Forget all what you heard before
sacrifice a part of your flesh
And honour the forbidden Gods ~
Moloch will grant us answers
Feast and Dance to our heretic ways
Burn the ice spread across the lands

Mortal man has now evolved 
With horns on his head
And Eyes feasting on bleak flesh
Sit upon the dark throne of Man
Demons and Angels will here our command
The dead shall rise ~ and answer calls 
Hell's infernal Hall grants us passage
Heaven's seats have been removed

~ All enter Moloch's domain ~
Man armed with sword and teeth
Spells conquer our fear to spread 
Rise Infernal Warriors! and Fight! 
Earth shall inherit Moloch's Magic~
As Man's inferior form shall change
And rise to the night sky as gods!

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