22 / Male / Straight / Single and Looking
is always staying awesome with M.ADDIE
pasadena texas – US
My #1 Favorite band of all time is:
Tear Out The Heart. They are the best band ever and you need them in your life.

Me: I'm a skater and skating and music is my life.

I am the single nicest person you will ever meet and I always get along with anybody that doesn't f*** with me :)
So don't f*** my life over please
OH, and people tell me i look gay but Idgaf, and I'm 100% straight.

so ,im a kid and music is my life and i guess im a soldier in the bvb army.

I listen to a lot of bands and these are some in no particular order:
Asking Alexandria
Attack attack!
The Beatles
Black veil Brides
Falling in reverse
Green Day
My Chemical Romance
30 Seconds To Mars
Protest The Hero
We Came As Romans
Ozzy Ozbourne
Pink Floyd
Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Chelsea Grin
We As Human
Suicide Silence
Trans-Siberian Orchestra (they're a rock band not an orchestra!)
Van Halen
Led Zeppelin
Black Sabbath
Tear Out The Heart
Ice Nine Kills
The Air I Breathe
We Butter The Bread With Butter
The Ghost Inside
The Devil Wears Prada
For Today
Get Scared
Escape The Fate (only with the current singer Craig Mabbit)
Dead And Divine
Motionless In White
Powerwolf (German power metal band)
Sabaton (Swedish metal band)

Im always willing to get into another band and listen to them, so if you know a band i dont let me know. I really like finding new bands to listen to. Thanks.

And I also listen to dubstep and electronic music but not Skrillex cause he mostly sucks except like one or two songs. So, these are some dubstep artists I listen to:
Knife Party
Dodge & Fuski
Flux Pavilion
Must Die!
Death In Extacy (russian scream dubstep techno s***)
Brothers Grim (sorta like "screamo dubstep") look up their faceook or youtube channel

And yeah, I know they all have some weird ass names. :P
My taste of music is very specific and weird so don't judge me but stay curious about my music, and ask me anything you want.

I really like pie and cats and I want a pet snake! I hate all rap music with all my heart, along with country and that mainstream pop music.

And if your gonna add me talk to me or else ima think your a stalker. (Even though I like stalkers). Don't worry, I won't be mean or anything.
Have a nice day!

and if you have taken the time to read this far, i might add that all i want is a caring girlfriend. nothing else will make me happy. not all the music i could ever have or all the concerts i could ever see. its all i want, and all I can think About. Because I feel like it's all i can't have.

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im trying to get my own band going called ashes to ashes. i will probably play guitar cx

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alondyxolober asked

why are you such a beautiful man? ;-;
because i... uhh... idk. im not beautiful, im just, awsome

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i forgot pasadena was real


you kinda look lije Kellin Quinn


Have a wonderful new year! ♥


: )