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Hi there :) I'm a crazy person, I don't really care about anything but here's some things I couldn't live without. Kingdom Hearts(The game that practically made me) Skateboarding, listening to music, and of course who on here doesn't love anime? My favorite bands are Make Me Famous, Suicide Silence (Rip Mitch ; ( ), Attack Attack!!, Old BMTH ( sorry oli you lost me), and most of all A Day To Remember :). Metal/Post-hardcore is my life. I do get shy at time but hey who doesn't?

Video games take up basically all my time when I'm not at work. But these are my favorites :)
-Kingdom Hearts (all)
-COD (all)
-Halo (4)
-Naruto (Ultimate Ninja Storm)
-Final Fantasy (VII, IX, XII)
-Zelda (duh?)
-Super Smash Bros (N64)
but yeah haha kinda a nerd and I read to much manga.

I get really bored don't be afraid to message me or just start a conversation :p add me on tumbler xp

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anyone down to talk?? :)

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Have a great new year! ♥