18 / Female / Bisexual / Single
Hello, my name is Emily. I am here to talk with new people and make friendships, i do not date online but if i like the person i would try it but who knows. I am bisexual and i don't hold one sex over the other, i am flirty and i like to keep my options open. I am willing to talk with people about almost anything, but if i get uncomfortable with a topic i will say it and hopefully we will move on to another subject if not then ill drop out of the conversation. Also if you are sexual right off the bat guy or girl i will likely block you or ignore you, i will also do that if you ask for nudes or are disrespectful. I am willing to talk with people about their problems as long as it does not include anything with suicide. DO NOT ask for Skype(i do not use that because i know people can get your ip and do dangerous s*** with it), i dont have kik, i wont give out my number.