19 / Female / Straight / Forever Alone
Georgia – US
~Call me BonBon~

I'm a gamer, not a fake one or s*** like that, but if I can make it to wave 20 in MW3, your bitch ass can too <3

-Been alone ever since my ex abused me and left me. I'm actually philophobic, (I'm afraid of falling in love), because I'm too sick and depressed to get hurt anymore.

-I'm a semi-often drinker, not a drunk

-I enjoy vaping. Currently on Green Goblin (Monster Energy) and Mermaid Blood

-Uh.. Undertale is my s***. <3

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All the bad girls take good guys as their boyfriends. All the good girls get left with the bad guys. In the end, we all get ruined and start the cycle all over again.