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Hmmm. Hi. I'm me. Who's me?

I'm a fighter
What does that mean? I don't like to give up on anyone or anything. If you want to protect me, be sure that you won't mind me protecting you also. Pride is a thing that will tear you down in the end.

I'm random
I'm a lover
I try to be funny
My body is my secret, so don't ask for it. It's not yours. You won't see it. So respect it or leave. No if, and's, or but's.

And, one more thing, as together as it may seem, I am very, very broken. I am in forever need of help from people who can just be there for me, In which there is only one at this moment; Ace. Thank you, buddy. I have a screwed up heart and two people who seem to share it inside of me. I feel guilty when someone falls for me. I guess I kinda feel like Aphrodite, in a way. People fall in love with me, and I can walk away if I have too. Well, if you've even read this far, good job. Sorry for a sob-life story, but it's something to know.

And if I happen to add you, know that it's not always because you seem cute. I do like to talk, but am shy sometimes messaging the person first. So, don't be afraid to message me. Even at random! Just, don't be pervy. -_- That bugs the hex outta me.

Anyways, any more Q'z, just ask! I don't bite... I think. *^_~*

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Well, after today, I will not be on. I will be at my brother's house for a week in New Mexico. Not that anyone cares, but if anyone pays enough attention, they'll understand.

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RebleCountryboy asked

Who has been the most important person in your life?
My little sister that I raised up until we were adopted. Though she does not talk to me much anymore, I'd still die for her if my life depended on it.

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there you go


eh i guess :P


There is a lot of snow here in Indiana


yes i know how have you been?




heyy there