18 / Male / Asexual / Broken Hearted
Does drugs with Bitter.Navi
Wherever the wind takes me – US
Hello, I see you're on my page, fair warning I'm more than a little strange, but I promise you that I'm not at all predisposed to rage, and I apologize if I seem just a bit deranged, I'm just a tall quiet stoner boy that can somehow manage, manage the damage, if you like good music, you'll find my heart will open quick, Kerosec, Beethoven, Rhcp, all of them resonate in me, I don't care if you smoke, all it means is you have better jokes, I'm always here if you need someone, being alone is never fun, and though my battle is far from won, I'll be there for you hun, as you can see, I seem to have a knack for poetry, it just comes so easily, like it's become a piece of me, if you want to see more they can be found in my journal, but I mostly post at night because I seem to be nocturnal, I'm honestly one of the most calm and easygoing people that you might ever meet, so please be my friend because that would be a treat.

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Nothing warms my heart like hearing a large group of children all yelling "F***" in unison

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Happy birthday!!!

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Happy birthday to my new bestie lmao