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My taste in music is superior to yours.

Nobody can ever top Adrian era Northlane don't @ me

Anime was a mistake

Ex-depressed fuccboi, now a happy fuccboi

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Amaryllis ✨  asked

🍁 Late night rambling because I want to🍁
He says his music taste is superior but little did he know Marilyn music taste is superior for she likes every f***ing thing ( except weird country music)
You are a cool dude and I appreciate the f*** out of your presences plus you seem intelligent
Keep up the good work bro🍁
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Wow thank u this was unexpected! Intelligent is not a word I'd use to describe me lmao. I don't really think my taste in music is better than anyone elses. Okay maybe better than select few but they weird! You seem like a very kind and caring person. Bless u for this Marilyn πŸ’™πŸ™

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