18 / Female / Bisexual / Single
Texas – US
Warning! I am not the person you want me to be or try to change me to be. You wanna hang, fine. You dont change me :D Im a special kind of special!

Hello Everyone! X3X It's nice to meet you all :3. My name is Aurora! Call me Rory or Panda! I like all types of thingies! I'm rather nerdy and stuff. I apologize in advance. Here are a few things about me:

I feel as if i'm drowning in my own regrets. Its a sea of blue but everything looks red. If only I had the time to make a plan. Than maybe you would've had that second chance. Water cold as ice but i'm dripping in sweat. My body is overwhelmed and begging for a threat. I'm alone is a seat of blue and the waters turning red.

I enjoy anime but I don't really watch it that much. I enjoy Chinese and other domesticated Asian foods. I am a little awkward and have trouble trying to respond to people. Don't take offense if i cant respond properly. I absolute love Tim Burton and his art style <3

Favorite Bands:
o-o Whatever I feel like listening too really? Panic at the Disco. 100 Miles to Mars? COLDPLAY!

Favorite Book: Im a big nerd but I absolutley adore EAP collections. Edgar. Allen. Poe is my love!

Favorite game: Uh...Sleep? Im not big on gaming.

I will enjoy talking to you in the future my loves.

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Feeling stupid as f***

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WhiteLady asked

Would you ever sell your kidney for farewell concert tickets
o-o I dont sell kidneys...I sell my soul

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