17 / Male / Pansexual / Single
Somewhere – US
Not a fan of one word conversations or randomly being messaged "hey" or "hi" and nothing else. Be creative lol. Tell me a joke.

I don't identify as emo, goth, scene (my username is ironic lol), or anything else. I'm just me.

I'm kind and playful. Sometimes my jokes are offensive; doesn't mean I am an asshole. Sometimes my jokes are sexual; doesn't mean I am a man-whore.

I'm very shy but warm up very easily. I can be extremely hyper, be warned. I am extremely open and nothing phases me. I'm a good listener, so if you would like a non-judgmental ear to hear your troubles, I may be the human you seek.

I am not religious and don't really believe in a God, but I believe that humans can do some amazing things that we haven't quite had a grasp of yet (and perhaps 'Jesus' did).

I'm deeply interested in anime. Some of my favorites are;
Black Butler
Code Geass
Death Note
Elfen Lied
Full Metal Alchemist
Ghost in the Shell
Higashi no Eden
Log Horizon
Lucky Star
No Game No Life
One Piece
One Punch Man
Shingeki no Kyojin
Soul Eater
Sword Art Online
Tokyo Ghoul

I like almost any genre of music that isn't classical (though a fusion is always amazing). I don't have any particular bands that are my favorites. If the style of music has 'core' or 'metal' in the name though, I am usually amped! Share your favorites with me, I'm sure I will like it!!

I am a gamer and mostly play first person shooters, but tbh I suck lol.

I am generally a massive nerd, but you wouldn't tell from first glimpse. :P

Feel free to hit me up, regardless your background, age, gender, or orientation. <3

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If you call someone an 'angel', I automatically assume you're a sex offender (or a future one at least) because nobody says that s*** but old indian men to cam whores, and my grandma.