16 / Female / Demisexual / Single
Hi I'm Cienna or Aerith. My mom liked Cienna, and dad liked Aerith. So they really couldnt decide, so i have both names. And here's a little about me. My favorite color is black and red. I like to listen to music when I am alone or in general. I absolutely love anime, especially Black Butler. I am a Youtuber, It's user name is Cienna Dankers. I love to cosplay as well. My favorite game is Pokemon or Alice Madness Returns. My spirit animal is a wolf, who i also my companion. When people need my help I am always there no matter what. The other thing I love is getting my hair dyed all the time. I love to roleplay with my friends a lot. I may seem like a sweet girl at first, but I have my dark side. >///<

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F***! It is almost 8 in the morning, and I barely got any sleep.