20 / Female / Straight / Widowed
Minecraft Land – UK
My Favorite bands: I set my friends on fire, Asking Alexandria, Pierce the veil, My chemical romance, Slipknot, Silverstein, etc, mostly MCR though let's see hmmm I play electric and acoustic guitar and I live in a crap city -_- if your mean to me I'll slap you with a rainbow doughnut through my phone idk how but I will >:( Sometimes I secretly watch ppl from trees and throw pebbles at them for fun shhh don't tell anyone XD my favorite food/ drink is apple juice/ cookies and I'm not very good at talking to people guess I'm weird ^^ explains the no friends thing but yeah if you wanna talk id be more than happy to ;) ....lick.....lick.......lick lick......liiiiiick......I licky yo face =:P

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F*** you, F*** my phone, F*** friends, F*** life, f*** the government, f*** aliens, f*** my hair, f*** the mother f***en universe I'm DONE -_-

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