19 / Male / Straight / Single
Henderson – US
Sometimes I sing in my room when no ones home bc then I don't get yelld at or criticized for my music or singing. Some of my FAVE bands are: BOTDF, BVB, Asking Alexandria, Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet for My Valentine (a lot more but still looking) and some oldr Thrash Metal (funny I know). I'm home schoold cuz some teachrs and kids at my last school would always make comments about my hair or the way I dressd and it got to hrd to handle. I hav a guitar but im still a newbie, I hav a little sistr who copys everything I do and it makes me so mad but im the one that gets in trouble when I tell her to leave my stuff alone. IDK I guess that's me

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anothr boring weeknd watching my baby sis and doing chores!!! i wish i could get out lol