20 / Male / Straight / Single
Southport – UK
Hey i'm Chris i'm 19 and live in England.

Feel free to message me or ask me any questions you may have, i'll be more than happy to talk or answer your questions.

I love my music, anything that is heavy and not pop i'll probably like. :P

My two favourite bands as of right now are Bring Me The Horizon and Asking Alexandria. Amazing bands and i really want to go see them live. :D

I am a PC gamer at heart but i've always loved playing on actual consoles and handheld ones as well. I am a big Pokémon fan and have been since i was really young because of my older brother getting me into it.

In my spare time i like to go and Longboard around places in my Town for a nice relaxing cruise, it helps to calm me down when i start to feel a little down.

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Start my new Anti-depressants today, lets hope they do the job :)