19 / Female / Straight / Single
I like heavy metal... Electronic, screamo, dub, LOVE BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR<33 /).(\ don't judge me /)(\ BROHOOF <3 adventure time, regular show XD dr who <33 bvb asking Alexandria , falling in reverse , etc. I could go on forever ;D um yeah I like drawing I'm just terrible (mainly anime) I love anime haha I only watch a few >< suggest me some :) I like food and sleeping pikaachuuuuuu ....…… <3 love pika and just pokèmon in general the old ones are wayyy better! I'm ugly and I'm proud- spongebob i mean I said don't judge me but your going to anyways just say it to my face then cuz ya know life is hard but knowing someone hates you for being you that just makes it better :) so please do judge me ;D I have a really violent mind so if I say something that's why ... I'm not bi but I do call some girls adorable :3 just cuz they are I can't lie ... I skateboard, and eat hot pockets , and ....…… but not at the same time ;3 haha ok this is long enough Byeee oh message me if u want or just kik me @ mickeyc1207

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I just want someone to say dumb funny stuff

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