17 / Female / Straight
RAWR.. Did I scare you? It scared you huh? ^°^

My name you ask? Ash.. I like Ash.. So my name is Ash ^~^

I have three friends that like to follow me around sometimes.. One is my science buddy.. Another is a sporty girl who doesn't really like me but ehh.. The other is a bitch who happens to be my best friend xD

I live for music ~ The Nightmare Before Christmas ~ and Spider Man because I can!

I like friends.. If they aren't plastics... Who ever gets that reference is my new bff!!
I like cutting my hair.. Drawing on myself.. And typing.. XD

I don't have KiK or Skype sry... ask for anything else and Ill have it most likely..

If you wanna know more ask ;-;
But I think you know enough for now...

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Hes doing it again... those pitiful meows wont do you any good you mean old tart!!