18 / Female / Demisexual / Single
Sloth haven – US
9 times out of 10 im not gonna reply to your message so If you really wanna talk to me my kik is below FOLLOW THE RULES PLEASE thanks ;) Hiya! The name's R3d! Yes, with a three. I flipping love
videogames and spend half my time playing the ones I have fallout 4, Skyrim and sims as well as Detroit: become human are my favs, naps are essential to my everyday life, animals are just life sloths are my favorite animal, music is apart of who I am I listen to a lot of different genres, I want someone to make me feel the way music makes me feel ­čś╝ I have a slight obsession woth skeletons and the moon also the stars lmao
I love Anime. But only certain ones. Some can be cringe.
Shika and Guilty Crown are my favorite anime's.
I am a youtuber it is life!
My Kik has rules along to it, if you want my Kik, read the rules first.
┬░no messaging me with the Intentions of getting nudes.
┬░don't text me if you don't plan to text me back the next day.
┬░dont tell me cringe s*** like "uwu -cuddles you- I will book you a one way ticket to the block list.
┬░dont pick an aurgument. You will lose.

If you're here stalking me due to drama, feel free to heart my profile while Ya here!
If you have any questions you can ask me! Anything is welcome!

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I will take everything Till I forget you If high is heaven Ill take it over you Cuz I may be small But I will stand tall Till you are years away from me

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suck a dick
Sure, ill suck what you cant cant get ;)

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Happy birthday!! :)


I love you best friend <3 make life worth it with your memes <3


thanks for the add