22 / Female / Asexual / Single and Looking
Perth – AU
Um.. hi, I'm Renae.

I'm very awkward and shy but I'm willing to talk to anyone :3

I like art, I mean i love to draw and such. I'm bit of a anthro fan but i'm not into yiff or anything like that.

I really dig ear piercings. I want to get my industrial re-done and get a second piercing in my lobe and start stretching my ears (only 7 mm though). I think eye-brow piercings on boys are hot <3

I like lots of music like:
english-covers of Vocaloid songs
Some metal
and other stuff

I like video games however i suck at them and at times prefer to watch others play. I also like manga.

So thats me. Baii c:

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