23 / Female / Demisexual / Single and Looking
is crying over ValosMistress
The Lost Village – US
The city looks so pretty☪
Lisa|| Band Trash || other account got hacked why?

Hi! Message me, I'm pretty lame.
I like video games, tattoos, sweet food, and lots of caffeine;
But you're better than all of those things ❤❤
All Time Low
Final Fantasy
Fatal Frame
Haunting Ground
Problematic characters

I need someone who looks through my Tumblr and talks to me about the things I blog.
I need someone who wants to talk to me about nature, and bands, and scary movies.
I need a lot of things, and most of those things are food

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Greg Cipes sang Fade Away on Teen Titans Go, and it was all mussy I got so sad </3

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Grizlybaer asked

do u think im cute?
we haven't really talked so I don't know, I can't really base anything off of just appearence. ;w;

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U r so cute