17 / Female / Straight / Single and Looking
🌴 Miami,Florida🌴 – US
Hi there I'm Samantha pardo well for short you can call me sammy I'm 15 years old im from Miami, Florida I'm 5'5 and I love music rap and pop is life , I have hazel eyes , I have brown hair with blond highlights, I'm single looking for a cute guy who's 15 to 16 years old and that's from Miami, Florida 💓 I want a guy who loves me for me and that understands me and that treats me right I don't want a guy who uses me AKA a f***boy a douchebag, ETC I want a relationship based on true love and that we're both happy and a guys who a good guy not a drug addict not a robber not a abuser not a heartless asshole I want a fun loving guy who respects me and that gets to know me first before dating me and that treats me right and that's a good guy

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Hi I'm Sammy and I'm looking for a civilized gentleman that's 15-16 years old and that lives in Miami, Florida ☺️😊

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