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Las Vegas – US
Hello people, I'm Kierra, I suck at these bio things, so somethings about me, I'm 4'3 I may be little but I'll kill you so don't p*** me off, if you are stalking my profile you better add me, or I'll kick your ass <3 I play the drums, go to concerts, sleep, eat, listen to music, and just dumb s*** like that, so add me I swear that I'm a half sweet person when you get to know me, actually I'm not sweet at all I'm a depressed hoe of course, so that's it, bye you stalkers <3

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R.I.P. poptarts, you are a fat food for me, so you shall die, I'm sorry </3

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retrogamerz  asked

Hi :) how are you? are you single
Yes I am at the moment

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Tyty message me anytime