25 / Male / Straight / Single and Looking
Glasgow – UK
"Memories are streams
of glorious times, sad failures
flowing out from time"
- Eddie Roa

■ I'm 25.
■ Born and raised in the heart of Glasgow.
■ Die-hard punk at heart.
■ Piercings.
■ Soon to be tattoo'd.
■ Covered in scar tissue.
■ Going blind.
■ unlovable as f***.
■ Skateboarder.
■ Fire breather.
■ Nihilist / Realist.
■ Sometimes Crow-paint.
■ Pro- Doing what f*** makes me happy.
■ Anti- Tolerating people's s*** and drama.
■ Just the right amount of f***ing bonkers.
■ Always on the hunt for fun and thrills.
■ Sometimes a Sadboi™

If you've got nothing good to bring to the table, take it elsewhere. I don't entertain wasters looking to drag me down. On the other hand, if you're cool and bring good vibes, then we should get along just fine.

By trade I'm a Graphics Designer, naturally as I'm very computer literate. I've also taught I.T to others, wrote CV's for people, and help with general computer issues. Yes, I'm the guy who asks you to turn it off and on again... See PEBCAK for an explanation.


Other hobbies I have include:

■ Fire performances.
■ Having serious Skateboarding accidents.
■ Doing stupid and dangerous stunts for other's entertainment.
■ Clothing alteration.
■ Listening to music that probably offends your ears.
■ Woodworking.
■ Practicing Shibari (Ropework)
■ Some metal working.
■ A little bit of photography.
■ Collecting random but interesting items.
■ Gaming
■ Hanging out in dingy outdoor spots getting a little too drunk for my own good.
■ Clubbing by myself in the early hours.
■ Partying for days at a time.


■ The Crow.
■ The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974).
■ Class Of Nuke'em High.
■ Kung Fury.
■ Night Of the Living Dead.
■ The Terminator.
■ Pariah.


■ Cokie The Clown.
■ Andrew WK.
■ Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards
■ Rage Against The Machine.
■ PennyWise.

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