20 / Male / Techsexual
Hi, I'm scene emo kidd. I like to go to school and pretend its a shooting range xD.
I'm here looking for cute boys and girls. (P.S. I'm omnisexual x3)

I identify as wolfkin so please call me the pronouns wolf/wolfself or else i'll rip ur scalp off ur head and eat it ZOMG! LMBO!!!!

My dream is to be a tattoo artist and to kill my family. They wouldn't buy me Black Veil Brides tickets. They are so f***ing bad. They never call me by my pronouns. No one will ever understand me ;-;

Things I hate:
Black Lives Matter Movement
My parents
Not being called my pronouns (IM SERIOUS!!!!)
Cisgender Hetero scum

Things I like:
Cupcakes (i kno rlly gay xD)
BoTDF (they make good muzik)
Donald Trump (i honestly think he's so cute and i want to nuzzle him ^o^)