22 / Male / Straight / Forever Alone
Dubai – AE
I consider myself strong, open minded and direct. I'm not afraid to tell people what i think about them or about any topic. I tell it like i see it because i feel it's better to be completely honest with someone.Telling some a lie just to keep them from not getting hurt is not good for them.If they ask me the truth for their own benifit and best interest, I care about people, try to help them as much as i can in any way i can. I have a good sense of humor. I <3 to meet people from around the world to learn new thing. I <3 to learn about everything i can..

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Is all over now

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god.father asked

whenever your ugly ass is active again i request that you change your username because i want it!!
Is your request or challenge? Okay no problm I will..