19 / Male / Gay / Single
Marysville – US
Heyyyyyy. I'm Josh but you can call me Poodle. First off, you need to accept that I am and will always be more FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! and sassy than you will ever be. If you can't handle the sass then gurl leave. I love Nicki Minaj, skrillex, practically any vocaloid, baby metal, and probably anything japanese. I've been told that I'm the gayyyyyyyest thing you'll ever meet so if you can't handle all the yyyyyyyy's then gurl byeeeee. I love Homestuck. I like pokemon. I like Youtube more than tv. Tyler Oakley is my queen and Nickalaws is just adorable. Be my friend cuz if you're not your life will be sad.

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i try to be athletic and i break my arm... its a sign