19 / Female / Straight / Single
Virginia – US
Hay gurl Hay, my name is Cora and I'm the queen. xx

JC Caylen > life.

I really like Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Marina and The Diamonds, Lana Del Ray, Justin Bieber, the usual typical white girl stuff. Aside from that, I fangirl over Green Day, Of Mice and Men, and Blink-182 also. c:

I'm a wanna be Tumblr Girl! Really, though. Acacia Brinley is an inspiration. Tumblr is my sport.

Cats and Nirvana is my family lol. I like Taco Bell. A LOT. Piercings are cool as hell, I wish I had some. :/

So yeah bios are awkward. Add me. Talk with me. Love me. c;

nah lol that was a little bit creepy but for real, message me! I'm really chill.

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Oh hai.

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Hai how are you? c: