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I'm a girl not a man or woman do not scare me with crazy things and talk bad to me because I'm different and if you have problem with spelling mistakes and grammar mistake then also not speak to me because I'm non native English. I speak Thai and German fluent and can English and Chinese too.

I can be weird,curious,wicked,lively or cheerful...depends on my mood though It just the way I am and I'm happy about it I'm not gonna change the way I am to impress other But i like getting to know new people and let them come into my life because that mean I would maybe explore and be comprehend with some new world with different perspective If you like chat with me, your welcome but guys don't ask me for nudes ok, not need messages every ware through the Internet again and again about it

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re22za asked

could u plz talk to me ill be nice
You scared me last time very much. I not had fun and not enjoyed more to talk with everyone. I not tell anything about your religion, but you should know that what happen in kill in thailand. not long ago, people they call them hand of Islam killed one of the most peace full peoples in our country, Monks, Monks not fight, not have weapons, they went in the temple and killed everyone in there, I don't know how many monks, but I think over 20 peoples. We have kills every month in the south, bombs, terror, teachers got killed, even children. And I saw it my own eyes how its look like when I bomb blow up and every ware dead people even not in one piece. I will never forget that and you speak here from end of the world, best way to kill everybody to bring everybody in a paradiese.......... you should think what you talking about and accept that it has good people on earth too and that people live happy, they are children, fathers, mothers.... and you tell kill everybody

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we had a prophet named mohammad (like Christ Jesus) n we belive he complited another 4 prophet (Holiness noah , Holiness Brahimi, Holiness Moses , holiness Jesus) n he bring perfect religion n a coplite book named (quran) its his miracle n it steel untoched (no one change any thing of it) n he has long story n in here suffice u know he bring islam (if u want ill tell u more:) ) n last days of his life n some month ago he introduce ali for surrogate of him n very one accept him but after mohamma


im writng please read after ur sleep n have a good sllep n sweet deam


u n some people make me cry n i upload a photo now so leave me alone