23 / Female / Bisexual / Recently Single
My name is Allison, i am here mostly to make friends and meet new people. Who knows what will happen in terms of relationships though, i am bisexual i do have a soft spot for women nice nice butts. When it comes to relationships it does not matter how you look like as long as you are pretty chill, have a good sense of humour, and that we click. I do not use or plan on using kik, skype, i only give my number out to close friends and people i like. If i am asked for any of these i will likely ignore the person asking for it as they have not read my profile so there would be no point in speaking with them. I was born mute which means i am unable to speak verbally, one of the reason why i love to meet new people online as it is easier and i dont have to explain things as much or have someone talk for me. Anywho, drop a message

Likes:Doctor Who, Sherlock, Dexter, Game of Thrones, Gaki no Tsukai, Arrow, The Flash, Anime, PC gaming, Music, Cooking, Food, Chocolate, Big butt on a woman, History, Paranormal stuff, Mythology, Psychology.

Dislikes: Perverts(lets face it we are all pervy i just dont liek the ones who are pervy right off the bat), mango, People who think Serial Killers are cool(message me if want to know my reasoning), Haters(people who bitch at you for everything you say or do).