18 / Female / Bisexual / Single
Maryland – US
I'm Tera >.<
Instagram: tera_loves (follow me)
Kik: Trufully_Tera_
^^^ Is the best way to contact me if you wanna talk, so you should kik me first, if I'm not online already

I'm gonna be blunt. If your gonna add me the least you can do is talk to me and have a conversation. I'm sick of people adding me and talking to me like once or not at all. If your not gonna talk to me might as well not even add me at all. I'm not scene but I kind of just came on this site, so I could make some friends. You have to have proper grammar, people that spell like idiots are one of my biggest pet pevs.

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Someone ask me questions, I'm bored.

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best feature: smile/eyes

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