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Hello, you awesomely awesome people, Its been so long since I've been on this site so much has changed. I been very busy in life & didn't have the time to keep up, but now I do. I should start off giving the many names I go by on the net. I'm Hope, I'm Buddhist, However, I do say f*** & f***ing a lot, along with bruh & dude. Most of you know me by Hopetastical. Used to be a Site Model for many places, also as for doing YouTube & Music. I have a following over 6k, It's not that much, but It used to be & love to talk to each one when having the time. Most of my Icons are on the page if you wish to follow any of them. Also, go by Pictoric aka Tyi Vaccare, It's my avi from the chat/game IMVU feel free to add me & message me. I do game edits for it, as I role plays Tyi Vaccare. check them out here: www.instagram.com/pictoricx

For the last year, I have been all over, dating, living life, & helping people. So that's why I'm still here, I know a lot of you need a friend or just someone to talk to, & that's where I come in. I have been a part of this place for many years now, & it's good to see it grow. I put my Youtube on hold, so who knows I might get back into it.

My Likes: Art, IMVU, All music, the tops are Bands, Movies, Ever wanna join me in watching some follow me Here: www.rabb.it/TyiVaccare Video Games, X Games, Photos, Bai Drinks, Green Tea, sometimes Coffee, Helping People, Trying new things, Being a random Dork, Netflix, Redbull TV, Kik, & Skype.

My Dislikes: People who bully or are rude for no reason, people who send me nudes, lies, & drama.

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D*** this site is still hanging on i see xD

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BABYDOLL2001 asked

Um, So like I was talking with some friends and like blacks are irregular. So thats why Black History month is in February. February is an irregular month. It has 28 days when every other month has 30-31 days.
Well my friend, The month of February was very much so designated by every U.S. president. Even though, most may think that, i say it just makes us that much special. But if you ask me, i don't see color, not do i care who has what month. We are all the same anyways, don't you think?

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Amaryllis ✨ 



it issss.


Thank you again. You told me happy birthday on facebook cx


You're welcome gorgeous!


No problem :)


You deserved the heart your gorgeous <3

Amaryllis ✨ 

You're very welcome and Thank you!!


Yeah, I kinda noticed you stop coming on there. But yeah, its all cool. I've been good, just been really busy tbh. Oh yeah, my number haha. My number is 520-248-5337


hey hi hello


xP <33