22 / Male / Straight / Single and Looking
Walsall – UK
I'm a very laid back. I like to be by myself, but enjoying hanging out every now and then. I have been to and lived in many places (Canada, USA, Mexico, Spain, Wales, Scotland). I am a bit shy and socially awkward. I'm a very nice person... or at least I try to be. I have 3 Chihuahuas and a cat.
Likes: Playing instruments (mainly guitar), making music, Dark humour, Role Playing, architecture, Nature, Hiking, Photography, Travel, Natural beauty, Xbox, DIY, TV, biking, relaxing, woodwork, hygiene, Reading, weed, drinking, Animals, Exotic food, Kind people, Writing, art, creativity. I like the idea of being free and living in the moment, though I rarely do it. I am more the kind of guy that wastes most of his life perfecting things. I love dark, morbid and mysterious things. Oh, I also like a nice ass... ohhh yeah ;)
Dislike: Myself, Being such a perfectionist, Getting out of bed, being cold, people who f*** me about, Humans, Farming, War, Weapons, Money, Cities, Over populated and built up areas (pretty much everywhere), People who can't spell and use 'text talk', People whose life revolves around technology and appearances, People who do what they are told even if they disagree with it, Cocky... Rude... and mean people, Religion (I don't mean I hate religious people, I just dislike what religion stands for and what it does and causes), The dark, Spiders. I despise how humans treat other animals and destroy other habitats just to make way for their own. I don't like much to be honest.
Music: Rock, Post-Rock, Shoegaze, Hard/Soft rock, Alternative, Indie, Rock and Roll, Ambient/Atmospheric, Intelligent/Electronic Dance Music,Progressive Rock/Metal, Chillstep/Chillwave, Dubstep, Funk, Blues, Metal (Thrash, DSBM, Death, Folk, Black, Heavy, Doom, Stoner) Deathcore, Jazz, Acoustic, Classical. I love instrumental music the most.