22 / Male
What's up SK?

I'm a professional pic editor looking for some practice.

If you want your pic professionally edited, hit me up.

I need good quality pics of your face.

You got acne? I'ma zap that s***. You got chubby cheeks? I'ma thin that s***. You want a different eye color? I'ma change that s***. You want makeup? I'ma apply that s***.

Now editing bodies.

You want more curves? I'ma curve that s***.
Thinner legs? I'ma fix that s***.
Etc etc.

All I need is a good pic of your face. Nothing too blurry or grainy.

If you want a body pic done, I need a good quality pic with a solid background color. Just starting out and need some basic s***, you feel?

I usually charge for this s*** but I'll do it for free since I need the practice.

Hit me up! Peace.