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✄ Body Modification is beautiful.
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✄ You're groovy.
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CornDog is My little princess
Amaryllis ✨  is the sweetest lil thing
blessed qt dumplin'
thatsbreanna is a beautiful flower
Cultist has A1 cats gr8 dude

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Tryna call ur friend to tell them to get their ass outside so u can go eat and THEY WON'T ANSWER

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Anonymous asked

maybe we just want to compliment you and don't expect anything in return because we are used to not getting told thank you for nice things that we do over and over for people with the hopes that one day they will say thank you and appreciate us
Yes but the correct thing to do is say thank you. And maybe those who dont say thank you or show appreciation dont deserve the compliments.

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daddy 💦 



Thank you !! ♥️


how are you doing my lov?


I live in Cali :D


Ayeeee you accepted :D lol

josh 🐢 

will do! tyty :)


Just being a lazy s***
Was gooood?


Well we obviously should talk then :^)


I deleted then realized that my user could be taken and I want the name Berry to be forever mine. )^:


I...............................................................................I'm hardly ever on so I mean. I'm not sure when I got back but I came on once every week or 2 or so. I didn't add anyone, they mostly added me. If I were to add someone you would most likely be the first bc top 5 favorite people on here.