26 / Female / Bisexual / Single
Wandering the woods With Amaryllis 
Where Soul Meets Body – US
✨🌙 Alex🌙✨
✄ MUA & Esthetician.
✄ Cats>People.
✄ Inked, pierced, ears stretched.
✄ Body Modification is beautiful.
✄ Chai, zombies, vintage things, Lipstick, pin up, animals and nature.
✄ Mermaids & LOTR.
✄ Mom of SK&GP.
✄ Moonchild.
✄ Paper Lungs w/a Plastic Heart.
✄ StrungOut on Death.
✄ Blow me.
▽Burn Me at The Stake▽

CornDog little princess
Amaryllis  sweetest lil thing
blessed qt dumplin'
thatsbreanna beautiful gem
Contra qt bean
Cotton sweet lil nugget
Chrisp my fave
Corpse.Grinder metal

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Who tf r all these ppl stalking me

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Mango asked

I wasn’t wondering why I haven’t seen you on in forever oh my god hi
I just randomly pop up nowadays lmfao

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Thank you !!!! you seem like a neato bean too nd you should add my snap if you want it’s moophyy <3


Tysm angel ♡ ly2


tysm Alex ♡ ily2


after three years you still use this o_O

josh 🐢 

will do! tyty :)


I deleted then realized that my user could be taken and I want the name Berry to be forever mine. )^:


I...............................................................................I'm hardly ever on so I mean. I'm not sure when I got back but I came on once every week or 2 or so. I didn't add anyone, they mostly added me. If I were to add someone you would most likely be the first bc top 5 favorite people on here.


mean I hate my face you know that


Ur wonderful I hope you know


Hello yes thank yo u