18 / Female / Lesbian / In Love
Modesto California Bitches(; – US
Haii guys(: <3 My name's bella(; I'm a lesbian why? Cause i f***ing feel like it!! Be who you are don't change to make others happy!
My Favorite bands are:
Asking Alexandria
Suicide Silence
Bring Me The Horizon
My Chemical Romance
Bring me the Horizon
Bullet For My Valentine
Black Veil Brides
Blood On the Dancefloor
I'm 5'5
I have a twin :3 She's awesome
i'm 13 years old <3
I have a girlfriend Her Names Taylor <3 She's Perfect <3
My fav animal is Cat <3
I'm Being honest....I am highly suicidal I do cut..I stopped on monday...But i will most likely start again so.....Yeah!
I love making new friends..Im hella shy but meet me and i'm a weirdo or Adorkable ;)

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Well Haii there ;) My names PainIsLife ;) Thought you should know if you want to know my real name well ask me ;)

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