22 / Male / Demisexual / Single and Not Looking
Texas – US
Not new here. This is like my second time here. Well I decided to give this crap hole another chance. Drama is completely out of the question this time around.
So hi, hello, my name is Ozzy, but you knew that. I'm an asshole, but I care. I'm full of contradictions, get used to it. I went through so many mistakes, sexualizing myself and other guys was one of them. No I don't do nudies, no I don't want to make out with you. I'm such a prude now. Sex and sexuality scare me and I want to get used to the person before I think about that crap. I used to call myself "gay" or so I thought I was, but know I realized "Hey, girls are kinda hot too" but like I said, I don't want anything sexual, I want an in-depth relationship. I don't "top or bottom". I'm just a dude who may like a girl or may like a boy. I however respect everyone's choices and decisions. Okay? I'm a phobic with drag queens. I don't fully understand why. But I can't help it. I don't mind trans people, but like I said I will respect you. I just finished cosmetology school, so yes I know about hair, how to cut it, color it and style it. I love doing fades on guys, it's more of a cathartic thing, nail enhancements too, and a few other things. I hate a lot of things so let's make a list of the things I do like, it will be shorter that way.
Proper grammar.
Genuine people.
That's it. It doesn't take much for me to be fond of you.
I'll add more to this when I feel like it.

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It beats me black and blue, but it f***s me so good, and I can't get enough, must be love on the brain.