19 / Female / Bisexual / Single
Heyo! ^u^ I'm 14 openly bi sexual. My fave bands r Woe Is Me, For All Those Sleeping, The Color Morale, BlessTheFall, Asking Alexandria, ect.. I'm a screamer in a band that's name is yet to be deiced (please if you have any good band names feel free to message me them we need help n once we make it big we will totally give y'all a shout out!) ummm i love to draw, long board, write songs, read homestuck,watch doctor who and super natural,video games, and climb trees :333 friends are my real family and i would do anything for them. my policy is "i trust you until you show me i can't" *hugs* i love you darlings stay strong! baaaiii! :33 oh btw kik facebook or skype just ask!