22 / Male / Straight / Widowed
Florida – US

I would satisfy & manifest Her every tangible desire she ever felt... Would 'She' be You?

Hello there, welcome to my room. There's infinitely many ways out. Take my hand, come sail on the rain on my black & white umbrellas. We can feed my guitars any time in the morning by the dark black light arcs.

Transcend w/me.

I would carry your voice in my voice recorded w/aerosol.
I would carry your ghostly kiss attached to my lips.
I would carry the prism of your eyes in my astronaut helmet.
Along w/the timid aurora of you cells.
I could be your aimless ray in the reality of your dreams.

I'm searching for those who are interested in learning Astral Projection. I can teach you, I just want someone who would venture into the unknown silent void of the universe w/me. It gets boring to go alone after a while. We can make the universe our playground.

A time that never was. Now I'm lost in those mornings w/three suns & multiple visions. Invisible mountains covered in anemones of light, radiating particles of LoVe.
Thank you for reading <3 :3

I'm ALWAYS there for anyone who needs someone to talk to. I'll help you make it through. You can trust me.
I Promise.

LoVe Yourself.

Snapchat: erick.ulquiorra
KiK me: erick.Ulquiorra.4

If I'm your stalker multiple times, then I forgot I've seen your profile already.

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Hoi-hoi-hoi :3 x3 xDDD Respond "Undid Iridium" under my very last snap to get a private response & gesture ❤❤❤❤❤

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Anonymous asked

I really want to talk to you. You seem so d***ed cool, it bugs me so bad that I'm so anxious to talk to you but will never send the message.
Don't restrict yourself. You never know what could happen. You don't have to talk to me if you don't really want to, but I'd say, explore that anxious feeling & resolve it to gain peace about this particular asset of your mind. I could help you gain peace at mind, but only if you want to be helped in the first place. Like my bio says, I'm ALWAYS there for anyone.

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haha you're welcome!




awe thank you, that was the sweetest think ive ever hurd


Thank youuu <3


hearts for days bae xD