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My name is Bryson,
and I am a dope rapper.
Trust me.

IGHT SO HERES HOW IT IS, I hate most people who refer to themselves as gay/lesbian/bisexual, this is no because they are into the same sex, it's because most of them are trendy f***s, sheep following the herd. Homosexuality is not a cool thing, and it makes you popular. I have homosexual friends, but they I know are really gay people, everyone else who does it to be cool p***es me off, and they can go f*** themselves. If you have a problem with this delete me, block me, whatever, any more questions, feel free to message me and ask, or even post it up and tag me, comment on my profile, ask it, present the question rudely, and I will respond rudely.

TBH I made my first account about a month after SK was made public, I've just deleted a few times since then.
Uhh... Ladies, gentleman, and not-so-gentlemen, show me your genitals. Uh...
That is all.

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well you are a bull.. and..Sometimes I think when you give me love, you literally only gave it to me because you dug that love out of your own f***ing feces. Cause all the lies you feed me so you can lead me on is straight f***ing bulls***.

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Amaryllis ✨  asked

You're my super hero you know that right?? I Love you!!💞💜💕
I love you too, I have many powers though, the greatest of which only I know, I will tell you though... I can do this thing with my tongue. It's amazing, like nothing anyone has seen. lol xD

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Amaryllis ✨ 


Amaryllis ✨ 

Plz let me hear your mixtape hunny bun

Amaryllis ✨ 

Hunny bun stay strong!! Even heroes have bad days. I love you!!

Amaryllis ✨ 

I luv you hunny bun.


Go ahead haha XD I'll like some of your stuff tomorrow needa sleep ;~; dahh school tmr


What about kik ???


‭+1 (405) 397-4430‬ Text me


Eat me nigga




I miss you bryson