18 / Female / Pansexual / Single and Not Looking
Dry Rock Gulch – US
There are too many options for sexual orientation and it's very cringe but w/e. I'm Alix which is p gay tbh but whatever. Full disclosure though I'm totally only here because I saw it on reddit and didn't think it was legitimate so...yeah. Also I'm not really looking to date anyone on the internet because I mean, well why? Seems p pointless to me but you do you boo. We probably won't even be friends in all honesty because I keeps it real. Lmao no, but I am kinda off-putting if you don't get my "humour". Trigger me timbers pls. Pls understand I don't want to date or "talk" or anything like that. We can be friends but I don't date people from the internet. I'm gonna straight up block your ass if you're trying to be a troll or saying some racist bulls*** to be "edgy". Girl, kill yoself.

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My mother bought this sparkling pink lemonade stuff and it's such GARBAGE

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strawberry banana oOooOo
Lmaooooo literally one of my faves <3