14 / Female / Asexual / It's Complicated
☯Life is Strange☯
☯DRAMAtical Murder☯
☯Dangan Ronpa☯
☯Panty and Stocking☯
☯Soul Eater☯
☯Black Butler☯
☯Death Note☯
☯Tokyo Ghoul☯
☯Love Live☯
☯Uta No Prince Sama☯
☯Panic!At The Disco☯
☯Melanie Martinez☯
☯Marina and The Diamonds☯
☯Twenty One Pilots☯
☯Lana Del Rey☯
☯Mirai Nikki☯
☯Ouran High School Host Club☯
☯Five Nights at Freddy's☯
☯My Little Pony☯
☯Attack on Titan☯
☯Lucky Star☯

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☯It doesn't matter if you're weak. If you struggle hard enough,You can make a miracle happen.☯