21 / Female / Bisexual / Single and Looking
Berkshire – UK
You can shoot me down,
I don't want to even try to get up.
I'm done and over.
You should have known,
I'm not bullet proof.
Aye muffin!! <3 My name is Andriette, but please call me Andy :)

I love music so much, and I'm aiming to become a singer/actress. If any of you want to help me with my dream, feel free!

I'm a shy but outgoing at the same time. I don't have time for games, if you like me, tell me :)

Please add and chat!! I won't bite...much ;) ~ <3

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Thanks c: But your the adorable one ♡


I think im more of a cupcake... xD


x3 Mkai. Just making sure •-• Because ur so epic. :D


Hello Adorable Andy :3 Do u like Cats? c: