26 / Male / Straight / Single
Brother and sisters MuddinGurl
Dallas – US
So I've been around here a few times and I'm sure a few some of you know who I am.

The name's Matt and I'm currently 25 years old.

I'm a very loyal and honest friend, I don't hide stuff and I don't sugar coat. I call things as I see them.

Please don't be an asshole to me because then I have to be an asshole to you, and I'm 99% sure I'm better at being an asshole than you are.

People who can take criticism without getting p***y
Metal Music
Video Games

Hate for no apparent reason

-Favorite Bands-
Nocturnal Bloodlust
Veil of Maya
Cutthroat Conspiracy
Impending Doom
Dead by April

Any other Questions feel free to ask!

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AlmightyKroose  asked

So they can laugh and share the humour, it can't be hard having a pathetic mutt like you as the new-generation gene-carrier xd
It's official now... you're mentally damaged... probably born that way and you were bullied so much that you now get on the internet and pretend to be someone intelligent, and good looking. Well sorry to break this little fantasyland you're living in but you're not anything you're trying to be. Your stuff is very old like coming out of a broken record player with a constant scrape. Please go get out of your basement, go outside, and face reality...

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thanks lol