17 / Female / Bisexual / Single
I Live At My House -.- – US
~I love you?<3
~sikeeee c;
~Sebastian Michaelis
~R.I.P. Mitch<3
~Any kind of Rock<3
~MayDay Parade
~Bring Me The Horizon
~Ghost Town<3
"She's Got Broken Pieces,
Where Her Heart Should Be."
-You're Dead Wrong,MayDay Parade
~In love with my bestfriend</3
~KIK: Pookia.5_23
~Instagram: alltimelorena

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listening to Pierce theVeil.... xc someone kik me o-o

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SATAAN asked

What is your biggest weakness? >.>
my biggest weakness would have to be the fact that people sometimes use my mothers death against me, by saying "that's why your mom died, cause she didn't love you"