22 / Female / Bisexual / Single and Looking
is pretty just like WheatleyCore
Cleveland,Ohio – US
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My name is Nina-Diamond (yes that is my first name!)I am 16 and i am Mexican and proud! I like rap music as well as scremo! some bands are B.V.B Fall out boys B.M.T.H and Falling in reverse to name a few! i try my best at grammar so please don't judge! I like all people and i answer all questions and messages! If you don't like what you see here you might not like me but you could message me and try and get to know me better therefor you know my life not my name and no story! XP I like to skateboard and play weird video games..... if you like to skateboard you should tot. hit me up and message me! :) I love talking to people with the same interests as me!!!
Well I have Instagram, Snapchat, and Kik...~~~~~~~~~


Message me and add me I reply to all... just tell me how you know me! (.^.)

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I think I'ma delete my page.

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RebleCountryboy asked

Who has been the most important person in your life?
The most important person in my life.... no one i have no one that has been there for me through thick and thin but if i did i would wish they could pop up right about now!

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i've added you


what's your id ?


Where are ya ?


where were you :o


Tbh I like your eye color


Supppp, Thanks for the friendship, how are you? You should add me on Facebook and follow me on twitter and instagram if you have them... Always good too meet new people! Xx


thanks fur liken x


thank you I guess O- O I really like that side of myself lol