19 / Male / Bisexual / Recently Single
im guitar player and a vocalist i play heavy metal to blues and i love bluegrass

im a fighter as well i do boxing and sillat/muay thai

i also do alot of hands on thing things such as art, painting and pottery

also i am native american and i am very chill so please feel free to message, add or talk

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im done im got, im gone, im finished, im at the end. rip

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SextingSatan asked

OMG are you in a band and is willing to ruin my life?
depends on the context yes i am in a band a school band i am a low brass section leader (sounds off putting) but in band band yes i am a guitarist (sometime) and a vocalist both clean and heavy.....i don't know why such a long answer but it is......................mehh.....and the whole life part i don't know depends...................