91 / Female / Pansexual
Blood lovers with TheMartian
Bloodbath – AU
*My name is Tee...
*I am an Aussie chic....
*I am a body piercer by trade.....
friend me or message me...
I won't bite,
unless you want me to ;)

I don't really fit a specific "style".
-----Not Goth,
-----Not Emo,
-----Not Punk
-----and not Scene....
more like a sample pot of each tipped into one.

I am atheist, so please don't push religion down my throat.
...I am Vegan.
......I am Bipolar.
I am straight/ bi-curious/ pansexual....not sure where I fit.

I am addicted to cats...I always adopt the "unadoptable" cats with "issues" from shelters. I guess I can relate to them - you know...not being wanted :(

Next favourite animal is a Crow...followed by bats.

*I am an animal rights activist.
*I love piercings and tattoos.
*I like a mix of music.... like...
The Cure,
Sleeping with Sirens,
Pierce the Veil,
Bring Me The Horizon

my flickr account is not for the feint hearted:-[email protected]/

And believe it or not, I am actually quite the romantic.

My favourite place to be is on the beach in the washes everyone else's foot prints away, it's like being the only person to experience the beauty <3

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I think we're doomed And there is no way back

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thanks lol